The MadnessMC Update #1 YouTube Video in Script Form

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    If you'd prefer to read the script instead of me speaking then here you go. For the beta and server updates I will be doing an written announcement soon.

    Title: Beta Information - MadnessMC Important Update #1

    - Sub-Intro
    - Intro
    - Beta Information
    - Official Release Information
    - Server Information/Features
    - Development
    - TMFactions Rank Buyers Information
    - Faction Series Schedule & Information
    - Outro


    Hello guys and welcome back to TNT Madness, today we are looking at everything about the new MadnessMC server, so because this will be a long video, the video will be split up into different sections with time stamps for each, which are onscreen now and in the description below, any other important information will be in the description as well.


    For anyone new, this is a brand new server, however I have had over 18 months experience running another server upto a few months ago called TMFactions. With that server I have differently made some mistakes and should’ve differently been more prepared for the worst, however I wasn’t and didn’t have proper backups, I also wasn’t the absolute best at running said server. However with this server I have spent over 100 hours over the past 6 weeks developing this server from scratch and have a lot of plans for its future development. I should be able to fix most, if not all server problems that arrive and will be a lot more professional about it and most importantly I will be taking more steps to backup and maintain the server for optimal performance, as well as removing any duplicate glitches and keeping everything balanced. I have new system and I plan on supporting this server non-stop until I go to university in 6 months and even after that I will keep the server lively. Essentially I plan on having this server go for at least a year and hopefully many more. I want this to be a proper community server, where everyone playing doesn’t have to worry about bugs, lag, hackers or the server dying and just focus on having fun. I truly do mean this.

    All major server updates and important information will be on the MadnessMC Website homepage and if anything major changes it will be reported there. The website is now fully functional including the webstore and forums. Also with the forums I plan on writing several very detailed FAQs during the beta and during the first week of launch. A good example of this would be the current crate key FAQ on the forums and few I plan to write are, viable money farms, differences and important perks in the ranks, basic pvp loadout guides and a lot more.

    You might want check out the rules which are currently being written, they are common sense, however if you’re an experienced player, you will want to read them for information like, chunk buffer limits and allowed mods. In game there will be a basic tutorial shack, which will have links, important info and basics for anything ingame.

    Beta Information:

    The private beta will start this Friday at 6pm CST or Central Standard Time and will go until Wednesday morning, after 3 or 4am. This beta is primarily to test the servers stability and allow me to find and fix any bugs for the official release. This will be a private beta, because I only want to deal with civilized people and don’t want to deal with hackers or degenerates while I’m still working on the server and having a smaller group of people makes it easier to manage everything. Because this is a private beta, to get in you will need to buy a pass which will cost $2. To justify that price, you will get a Limited Edition beta tag for the official release, and lots of equipment. Since the beta is very short, only going for 5 days there won’t be anytime to properly gather resources, so everyone will start with $1,000,000 cash, the Legendary Blazing Kit, 5 Crate keys and 5 Flaring Crate Keys. You will also get the Flaming PVP Kit every 24 hour for PVP which includes Protection 4 Armor, a Sharpness 5 Sword and more. Also, you will be able to join rank donators on release day to join the server 30 minutes early. Finally to make this beta more interesting the richest player or faction based on FTop will receive a Iron Golem Spawner during launch, 2nd will get $100,000 and 3rd will get $10,000.

    15 minutes after the beta goes live at 6:15pm there will be a Major Koth where the winner will receive some major prizes and if you’re fighting you should be using your Blazing PVP Kit. Every 3 hours for the rest of the beta there will be active koths and during the next day on Saturday at 6pm there will be a second major koth. During the final day on Wednesday at 3am to cater to Oceanian players. there will be a giant PVP fight where the objective is to kill the Enderdragon, grab the egg and survive or kill everyone. You will given pvp gear and blocks after you spawn and everyone will have 2 lives. However after you die, you can still spectate. The winner will get the Egg during the release as a trophy. I will be there for both major koths and the Ender Dragon event and likely recording. I will be on a lot during the beta especially during the first few days when it’s the weekend and even during the week when I have school, I will be on, just at night.

    During the beta, since there won’t be many people, the overworld will only be 1,000 x 1,000 and the nether and end will be disabled, so it's a more compact area to fight in. Also I am currently the only one running the server, so I don’t have any staff and will be opening application and looking for people to join the staff. Near the end of the beta I will release the official server trailer and will likely use footage from the beta in it. I hope to see you during the beta, it will be a tonne of fun.

    Official Release Information:

    The server will be officially released on the 16th, during a Saturday at 6pm CST. Rank donators and Beta pass holders will be able to join the server 30 minutes early, this is to let the server take players in chunks, instead of all in one go, which will help decrease lag and the likelihood of a crash on release from the huge flux of players. The IP is and I am looking forward to seeing everyone there.

    Server information/Features:

    I have a rough plan for the server’s future development over this season and next season, however everything I have planned for next season will be determined by the server’s financial situation. Also I want this server to be a proper community server where the community has a huge impact, so most gameplay decisions will come down to polls and therefore this plan could vary based on what the majority of players want. For anyone that doesn’t know, we lost all the files from TMFactions from a global cyber attack and this includes the custom plugins and custom enchantments. So for this first season we won’t have custom enchantments, however if everyone wants them, I will get a developer to code a new custom enchantments plugin for next season. I want to keep this server balanced and less gimmicky and some people think gen-buckets are a gimmick. However to start with for the first season Cobblestone Gen Buckets will be sold in the in game shop. I don’t see anything wrong with them as they just speed up one of the most tedious jobs of base building. If there is too much backlash I will do a poll and see if everyone wants them removed. Anyone who plays on servers just for the builds you may be let down by the builds in the first season, however the spawn is custom built just not the best, next season if there is enough money, I will get a proper build team to make a spectacular spawn, warzone and koths.

    There are 3 worlds, the overworld with a world border of 10,000 by 10,000, the nether with a world border of 5,000 and the end with a world border of 2,000. To keep everyone on an even playing field and not allow people who join first to have an insane advantage, all the blaze spawners from the nether have been removed. The end has had its island removed and the bottom layer is bedrock followed by 4 layers of endstone. This will finally allow people to consistently mine endstone and because endstone is competitively priced, it can be a grindy way to farm for money and get mcmmo levels for mining. Everyone will get a starter kit every 24 hours and have access to voting keys as a reward for voting, they are essentially a lower class crate key. If you are really into PVP there will be koths several times throughout the day and there will be good rewards. Since the warzone is just randomly generated land with some koths on it, the warzone isn’t interesting enough or flat enough to have drops that people fight for. For next season we will likely have a proper custom built warzone so we can do this.

    I’m going to talk about the commands and perks every player gets and gameplay mechanics. As far as general perks and plugins go, there is an economy, mcmmo, a trade me plugin, ability to store money in bank notes, 4 auction house sell slots, teleports, warps, homes, starter kits and a lot more. Everyone gets the ability to set 2 homes, for factions these days it’s essential to have a minimum of 2 homes, it gives you easy access to the basics, being your vault, your raid spot and your faction's home. For when you're raiding, TNT and Creeper eggs currently have a 50% chance to destroy a spawner and because in most situations you won’t be able to use it for raiding, the ability to Silk Touch spawners is a perk you get from the Magma rank. For any cannoneers, the AC130 roof busters have been disabled as TNT can’t explode above 256 blocks. Everyone gets 20 Faction Power and for your faction base the maximum buffer limited for you faction is 20 chunks and a maximum area of 800 land, this includes using allies or alt factions. There are only allowed to be 20 people in any faction, this is so we can still keep factions competitive on our relatively small server. More details about the faction rules will be in the official rules once the full version comes out.


    This is going to be my story of what’s happened since the end of TMFactions and the start of MadnessMC, as well as my development process. Essentially after TMFactions closed, most of the staff left, which is fine, we didn’t know if we would even have a new server up. About 7 weeks ago I started working on development for this server with Zoey and Carter, Carter being the old owner and guy who primarily ran the backend of the TMFactions. We had a disagreement and in the past have had some miscommunications, which has resulted in me running this server alone, we are still good friends and he is a very talented server administrator, however it just means he won’t be coming back and I won’t be forcing him to come back either as he told me, running the server gave him a lot of stress. This is fear enough and we did have a lot of problems with hackers and staff who tried to ruin the server. I also had a lot of frustration with the staff and I would try in bring in new people and giving them such high jobs straight away was a horrible idea. I have learnt from my past and just want to thank the staff team and especially Carter for sticking with my 18 months. I surprising did learn a lot about factions and running a server from carter, which will be great for running this server.

    After Carter left the main issue was that I had already put a lot of money into development, purchasing the server and a developer for the website. Because of this I had to continue developing the server anyway, I really am way over my head with this project and what should’ve taken 2 weeks with 3 people has taken me 6 with over 100+ hours. I wasn’t as experienced with servers as carter and since I am running minecraft on a proper barebones linux server, I had a lot to learn and setup. I had what was probably the most painful week of my life trying to setup multicraft. Everything I did was really just boring configuring coding, talking to people and spending hours placing signs in the ingame shop and all of this just took a stupidly long amount of time. However I think it has all paid off and I have a balanced economy, a good set of plugins and fantastic looking and functioning website.

    TMFactions Rank Buyers Message:
    I know that most players from TMFactions felt cheated when everything they paid for was lost, because some people spent more than a hundred dollars and even if you were there from the start it’s not fair. The server wasn’t completely owned by me, and I could say that this server isn’t in anyway related to TMFactions and in some ways MadnessMC has nothing to do with TMFactions, but I’d like to think of it as a continuation of that server. Running a server costs lots of money and I don’t have a record of everyone who purchased a rank, I do however have records of all purchases from June last year. What I’m going to do is give anyone who purchased a rank or spent more than $20 on that list a 50% off coupon on their first purchases. It will stack with the server launch sale and will be valid until one week after launch. I will be sending emails with the voucher to people on the list, if you purchased something before then, I still have the paypal transaction numbers just not matched to the purchase, so send me an email at with your minecraft name, transaction id and email, I’m not worried about any other proof as people can just photoshop purchasing something and try to get a voucher for free.

    Faction Series Schedule & Information:

    A major reason why I run my own servers is for a more interesting faction series, the problem I have had in the past is that I was never consistent and never recorded for more than half a season. This is a huge problem and isn’t good for me or the people who really enjoy watching them. This problem happened for a lot of reason, such as stress, school work and generally getting burnt out. However this time I will actually have a consistent series and I will be doing it slightly differently.

    I will be doing 2 faction videos a week, I will try and make them interesting and decently long roughly 20-30 minutes. However if I run out of time in a episode instead of skipping an episode, I will just shorten it, this way I will at least a full season of videos done, even if something crops up. Secondly I am the most targeted person on the server, people always find me a day after a video comes and I always get raided, which of course isn’t fun for me or to watch. What I will do for the start of first season is have a small piece of land outside the border, so I can’t get raided and can focus on the videos. This may seem super OP as I am getting an insane advantage. However I simply don’t have the time to rebuild my base after every episode. I want to do a good job of running the server and making high quality videos. I think me going solo and my situation is enough to justify this and I don’t want to have to sacrifice time that could be used on fixing an urgent bug or getting a video out. I likely won’t be raiding often and if I do, it will likely be on smaller bases or with another faction, so alone I shouldn’t affect how the server plays out competitively. Once I get to a stage where I think my base is good enough I will put in it the main world and at the latest I will do that in the last week of the season. Also I will be making a vault in the main world with most of my valuables, so people can still have a chance to raid me, but won’t completely cripple me.

    With my faction series I want to do more of a redstone twist, where I try and make a high tech and functional base. This will hopefully be different and more entertaining than regular faction videos, as well as giving people ideas of what they can put in there base, for example an armor equipper. I will be cannoning, raiding and pvping, just probably not as much as building, because I live in New Zealand and the server is located in the United States on the east coast I have a disadvantage where my ping is at least 300ms and sometimes PVP can be a laggy mess and getting slaughtered all the time isn’t fun to watch. Also I have always taken inspiration from mumbo jumbo and have ideas for different sections in the video such as Q&As, talking about the development of the server and various cinematic tropes such as timelapses.

    One final thing I want to talk about is the future of this channel itself. I have died off the idea of doing CSGO or other gaming videos and want to focus on Minecraft videos at least for the rest of the year. I am in a very happy spot with my main gaming channel and my secondary cinematography channel. So I am only going to make minecraft videos and vlogs/films on the second channel. In the far future after Minecraft dies down, I will move onto other games, I have built up this channel over many years and just don’t want to leave it. YouTube is a huge part of my life and I don’t see why I can’t bring YouTube with me into my adulthood and my future without having to create a new channel when I eventually change games. Either way we don’t have to worry about that for a long time, but if you do even vaguely care about this channel or my film channel, they will be around for the next decade on and off.

    Outro, Recap:

    This is my first major MadnessMC update and I will have another update sometime after the beta with any more important or new information. All the important information and links discussed in this video will be the description below. if you have any questions I will be reading them in the comment section or you can private message me on twitter @MadnessMC_Real. Thanks for sticking with me this long and hope you are just as hyped as me for this server.
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