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    Hello I appreciate you wanting to help and become staff, however if your doing this just for the rank or just too say your on the staff team, then you are doing this for the wrong reasons. A staff member needs to be a nice person with ethics, and someone that can help out people on the server. Before the template is a list of what is expected.

    What’s Expected:
    - If you see a person blatantly hacking (e.g. Flying Round Spawn), then ban him and log in the ban document. Recording evidence is pretty much necessary.
    - If you or someone else thinks someone is hacking but it’s not completely obvious, make sure to record it and tell someone higher up so they can also have a look at the footage. Its up to your judgement if they are causing enough trouble that you need to temp ban them right away, but make sure you log it and tell someone higher up.
    - If someone is being toxic or discriminating, mute them for a week and report it
    - If the server is running slow or people are complaining about a serious bug, report it to higher staff of TNT Madness ASAP.
    - If possible, try and help people out if they are having problems with commands or don’t know there way round the server.
    - Don’t be toxic in chat, the staff represents the server and toxic staff drive players away.
    Will be Adding to this List



    Age: (Don’t insert these brackets: You must be at least 14)


    Have you had any Past experience?:

    What do you think you can bring to the server?:

    Tell us about yourself (detailed as possible please):

    Any Extra Information:

    Apply here:
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