Read This! Opening - Beta Update #1

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    Hello Everyone, so far the Beta has been going really well. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves, people are building massive bases and currently there are 15-25 players on. There have been a few things go right and wrong. By far the biggest plus and my biggest fear was that the server would crash. However getting an insane server has differently paid off as there are about 100 plugins, non-preloaded chunks and about 30 people joined at once on the release and the TPS didn’t drop below 19. This just means that on the release day, where the chunks will be preloaded, we should have a TPS of over 17-18 on launch, even if there are 50-100 players on. Meaning for the first time in my history of running a server the game will be playable on launch. The first major koth also went really well and the winner was DragonnzzzYT. Don't forget there is a second major KoTH at 6pm CST Saturday.

    There were a few problems that I will have listed below that I will likely add too. Most of these problems I can’t solve while the server is online, so at 3am CST when everyone should be sleeping, the server will be offline for a few hours so I can do my best to swap them over.

    Problems That Will Be/Need Fixed:
    - SilkSpawners Plugin Not Working
    - Gen-Buckets Finding Perm Node
    - Starting the Change to Crazy Crates, New Better Crate Key Plugin
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    Was a lot of fun, I'll see you all online again tomorrow :D