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    V.1.0.0 | Wed 13th Sep 2017 - End of Beta:

    - Plugin List is Public (Changes as I add/remove them)

    - Single Faction Server
    - 32GB Ram, i7-4790K, All Dedicated to the Fac Server
    - Players Get Start:
    - 2 Homes
    - 40 Faction Power
    - McMMO: 400 Archery, 300 Swords, 200 Axes
    - FIrst Join Starting Equipment: (Diamond Sword, Diamond Armor, 1 Bow, 64 Arrows, 64 Steak, 5 Golden Apples, 15 Diamonds, 24 Iron Ingots, 64 Logs, 1 Ender Pearl)
    - Access to Kit Starter every 24 Hours: (Iron Sword, Iron Armor, Iron Tools, 32 Steak, 16 Logs, 5 Diamonds, 8 Iron Ingots, 64 Torches)
    - ‘/bal’, /bal {player}’, ‘/baltop’, ‘/pay {player}’
    - ‘/sethome {name}’, ‘/home {name}’, ‘/delhome {name}’
    - ‘/spawn’, ‘/warp {location}’, ‘/warp’ <(Shows Warps You Have Access Too)
    - Warp Locations: (Spawn, SpawnIsland, Shop, Nether, NetherTop, End, PigFarm, Crates, Enchant)
    - ‘/compass’, ‘/depth’, ‘/getpos’
    - ‘/tpa {player}’, ‘/tpahere {player}’, ‘/tpaccept’, ‘/tpadeny’
    - ‘/msg {player}’, ‘/r’ (<Reply to most recent message), ‘/ignore {player}’
    - ‘/help’, ‘/help {page}’, ‘helpop’ (<Messages all OPs of urgent problems)
    - ‘/whois’ (<Username behind a NickName), ‘/rules’ (<Link to server rules)
    - ‘/credits’ (<Amount of McMMO Credits), ‘/redeem’ (<Redeem McMMO Credits on Skills)
    - ‘/ah’ (<Opens Auction House) (Player has 4 Sell Slots)
    - ‘/deposit {amount}’ (<Create Banknote), ‘/withdraw {amount} (<Take Money From Banknote)
    - ‘/trade {playername} (<Trade Without Scamming), ‘/trade accept’, ‘/trade deny’, ‘/trade block {player}’
    - ‘/bounty {player} {name}’, ‘/bounty list’
    - ‘/itemfilter’ (<Don’t Pick Up Certain Items)
    - ‘/wild’ (<Tp to random locations every hour, costs $150)
    - ‘/fly’ (While in your faction territory you can fly)
    - Players Get End:
    - Added Ender Pearl Cooldown of 4 Seconds (Prevent EPearl Glitching)
    - Added Ability to fly in faction territory, ‘/fy’
    - Added 10,000 x 10,000 World Border to the OverWorld
    - Added 5,000 x 5,000 World Border to the Nether
    - Added 2,000 x 2,000 World Border to the End
    - Added a Lava Sponge that allows sponges to soak up lava as well as water
    - Hoppers aren’t craftable, could cause lag issues, $5,000 in game shop
    - Obsidian takes 5 hits to destroy
    - Bedrock is Unbreakable
    - Mobs Stack up to 1,000 mobs
    - Custom Tab with useful information, currently Ping, Cords, Players Online & Cords
    - 1.8/1.9/1.10/1.11/1.12 Clients work on the server, Server is 1.8 Paper Spigot
    - Passive Mobs
    - Withers are Disabled
    - Ac130s are disable or won’t work (Roofs can still be creeper egged)
    - Added an Anti-Swear Plugin
    - Added an AntiVPN Plugin (Blocks anyone using a VPN from join the server)
    - Added World Edit & Async World Edit For Admin Purposes
    - Added AutoBroadcaster as a Server Announcer
    - Added Auction House (Sell Unsellable Items to other players, e.g. Creeper Eggs and Beacons)
    - Added Auto Lapis (Auto Fills All Enchantment Tables With Lapis)
    - Added Auto Restart (Automatically Restart the Server Periodically)
    - Added Bank Notes (Store Money in Bank Notes, Useful for /trade)
    - Added BottledXP (Store XP in Bottles, will be more useful when we get custom enchantments, currently in webstore misc)
    - Added BuycraftX (Connects Webstore to the Server and ‘/buy’)
    - Added ClearLagg (Periodically Removed Item Entities)
    - Added CoreProtect (Useful Region Protection Plugin, Could Rollback)
    - Added CombatTag (Prevents Combat Logging and Fair PVP)
    - Added CrazyCrates (Crates/Crate Key Plugin)
    - Added Death Messages (Custom Death Messages, Plus Lightning)
    - Added Deluxe Tag (Plugin for Custom Tags in the Webstore)
    - Added Easy Backup (Periodically Backup The Server)
    - Added Enderpearl Cooldown (Set Ender Pearl Cooldown)
    - Added EssentialsX (The Essentials)
    - Added FactionFly (Fly in your own faction land)
    - Added FactionsUUID (Core Faction Plugin)
    - Added FastTNT (Quickly Craft TNT, currently in webstore misc)
    - Added FBasics (Stops Most Base Glitching)
    - Added First Join Plus (Used for giving items for the first time you have ever joined)
    - Added FTop (Tracks the richest Faction, based on bal, blocks and spawners)
    - Added GAListener (Plugin that allows the server to give you vote keys after you vote)
    - Added GenWall (Gen-Buckets Plugin)
    - Added HealthBar (HealthBar below player tag)
    - Added HideStream (Easy Fix to stop Join/Leave Messages)
    - Added Holographic Displays (Allows labels like the one above the crates to be possible)
    - Added IP Check (Allows Staff to check Player’s IP if needed)
    - Added Item Link (Using [ITEM] for donor ranks)
    - Added Item Filter (So Players can choose not to pick up certain items, ‘/itemfilter’)
    - Added KOTHs (So King of The Hills can work)
    - Added Lava Sponge (Sponges work with Lava too)
    - Added McMMO (It’s McMMO)
    - Added MOTDCountdown (Allows countdown timers to be in the MOTD)
    - Added MyCommand (Add Cooldowns and Alias to Certain Commands)
    - Added Nightvision (Permanent Night Vision for some Donor Ranks)
    - Added NoFall (Take no fall damage, in misc as angel wings in the webstore)
    - Added NoHopper (Prevents People From Crafting Hoppers, Cost $5,000 in store)
    - Added NuVotifer (Votifier Plugin)
    - Added Obsidian Destroyer (So Obsidian Can Be Destroyed, currently in 5 hits)
    - Added PermisisonsEX (Essential Permissions Plugin)
    - Added Private Vaults (For Ranks, small amount of slots for donors)
    - Added RedeemMcMMO (Redeem McMMO Credits on Skills, can get in Ranks/Keys)
    - Added SilkSpawners (Main Spawner Plugin)
    - Added StackMobs (Stacks Mobs, reduces entity lag)
    - Added Staff+ (Staff Plugin to move Easily Track Hackers)
    - Added SyncCraft (Supposedly helps Hopper Lag)
    - Added Tab (Custom Tab Plugin)
    - Added TNTFill (Auto Fill TNT in an Area, currently in misc webstore)
    - Added TradeMe (Mutual Trading Plugin, Prevent In Game Scamming)
    - Added Unbreakable Anvils (So Anvils at spawn can’t break)
    - Added Vault (Essential For Economy)
    - Added Via Version (Allows 1.8 to 1.12 versions of minecraft to work)
    - Added WildernessTP (‘/wild’ Allow people to Teleport to random locations)
    - Added World Border (Creates World Borders)
    - Added World Guard (Essential Region Protection)

    V.1.0.1 | Friday 15th Sep 2017 - Final Pre-Release:

    - Faction Power has been increased to 40 from 20 (Allows max 20 buffer from 20 member fac)
    - mcMMO Axes increased from 200 to 250 (Currently, Archery 400, Swords 300, Disarm Disabled)

    - Changed Obsidian Breaker Plugin (Bedrock wasn't unbreakable now it is)
    - Changed BottledXP Plugin (Was working without perm)
    - Added Potion Stacker Plugin (WorldGuard '/stack' wasn't working)
    - Changed From NoCheatPlus to Wolf AntiCheat (Used Hacked Client Testing)
    - Added Visible World Border with aligned chunks in all worlds
    - Change GenWall Price From $1000 per use to $300
    - Added NoWeather (Never Rain Again)
    - Added NoAI (Mobs are Passive from spawners from my testing)
    - Added Holographic Display for in game shop (Easy to navigate)
    - Added Voting Key and 4 Voting Websites (/vote)
    - Server Rules Link in '/rules'
    - Removed Blaze Spawners From Nether
    - Added FBasics
    - Removed IP Check from all staff except Admin and Community Manager
    - Changed From AutoBroadcaster to SimpleBroadcaster
    - Fixed FTop Calculations
    - Stacked Mobs increased from 20 to 1,000 per stack
    - Stacked Mobs all die at once
    - Withers Are Enabled But Don't Do Block Damage (Killable for NStars & Beacons)
    - Made Nether Stars Unsellable and cost $50,000 in game.
    - Tested Everything I can think of, except McMMO Archery
    - Removed RegionFly (Clashed with faction fly)
    - Increased TNT/Cegg Spawner Drop Chance From 50% to 75%

    V.1.0.2 | Saturday 16th Sep 2017 - Official Release First Day:

    - Moved all world borders out by 0.5 blocks. Solved Land Claiming Issue
    - Removed Gen Bucket Charge, net price $300 instead of $600

    - Added Base High Tier Vanilla Enchantments to the in game shop (they are expensive)
    - Added Stackable Buckets into PaperSpigot Itself
    - Removed Stackable Item (Because ^)

    V.1.0.3 | Sun-Thr 17-21st Sep 2017 - First Week Fixes:

    - MOBS ARE FINALLY PASSIVE (removed Passive Mobs, was useless, mobstack had NoAI)

    - ReAdded Stacked Mob (TPS issues without it)
    - Fixed Stacked Mobs One Shotting You
    - Iron Golems, Endermen, Cows & Creepers Don't Mob Stack (May Change if it causes Lag)

    - Increased Max Faction Fly Height From 260 to 280
    - Removed Silk Spawners From Magma+ and Now Everyone Can Silk Spawners (Popular Demand)
    - Added Second Invisible World Border in all Worlds, Stop EPearl Glitching
    - Removed Wolf Anti-Cheat (Notifications were spammy and false 99%)
    - Add Spartan AntiCheat (Recommended by the CM: Yodo)
    - Added New Spartan ^ Config (From Yodo, should fix Printer and 99% False
    - Fixed Sponges
    - Sponged work on lava now too
    - Added New Nether Spawn
    - Fixed Taking Fall Damage at Nether and End Spawns
    - Removed ability to '/esethome' in enemy faction land or teleport, aside from /spawn
    - Fixed Bank Notes Permissions Not Working (/withdraw, /deposit)
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