Read This! All Player Permission Commands and Permissions

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    For anyone wondering everything you can do on the server, here is the basics.

    - 2 Homes
    - 40 Faction Power
    - McMMO: 400 Archery, 300 Swords, 200 Axes
    - First Join Starting Equipment: (Diamond Sword, Diamond Armor, 1 Bow, 64 Arrows, 64 Steak, 5 Golden Apples, 15 Diamonds, 24 Iron Ingots, 64 Logs, 1 Ender Pearl)
    - Access to Kit Starter every 24 Hours: (Iron Sword, Iron Armor, Iron Tools, 32 Steak, 16 Logs, 5 Diamonds, 8 Iron Ingots, 64 Torches)
    - ‘/bal’, /bal {player}’, ‘/baltop’, ‘/pay {player}’
    - ‘/sethome {name}’, ‘/home {name}’, ‘/delhome {name}’
    - ‘/spawn’, ‘/warp {location}’, ‘/warp’ <(Shows Warps You Have Access Too)
    - Warp Locations: (Spawn, SpawnIsland, Shop, Nether, NetherTop, End, PigFarm, Crates, Enchant)
    - ‘/compass’, ‘/depth’, ‘/getpos’
    - ‘/tpa {player}’, ‘/tpahere {player}’, ‘/tpaccept’, ‘/tpadeny’
    - ‘/msg {player}’, ‘/r’ (<Reply to most recent message), ‘/ignore {player}’
    - ‘/help’, ‘/help {page}’, ‘helpop’ (<Messages all OPs of urgent problems)
    - ‘/whois’ (<Username behind a Nick Name), ‘/rules’ (<Link to server rules)
    - ‘/credits’ (<Amount of McMMO Credits), ‘/redeem’ (<Redeem McMMO Credits on Skills)
    - ‘/ah’ (<Opens Auction House) (Player has 4 Sell Slots)
    - ‘/deposit {amount}’ (<Create Banknote), ‘/withdraw {amount} (<Take Money From Banknote)
    - ‘/trade {playername} (<Trade Without Scamming), ‘/trade accept’, ‘/trade deny’, ‘/trade block {player}’
    - ‘/bounty {player} {name}’, ‘/bounty list’
    - ‘/itemfilter’ (<Don’t Pick Up Certain Items)
    - ‘/wild’ (<Tp to random locations every hour, costs $150)
    - ‘/fly’ (While in your faction territory you can fly)
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