Hello everyone its past 2:30am here so there is 8 hours till release. About to go to bed so this is the update of essentially everything you can expect for the release. This is a quick update and rundown. For a start the beta prizes winners, then the changes since the beta. Just a reminder that the 20% sale is on for one week, don’t expect many sales.

Beta Winners:
- First Major Koth: Dragonxxxx | $10,000
- Second Major Koth: Fayh_ | $10,000
- EnderDragon Event Egg: KillboyGaming | $100,000, Egg Admin Item
- EnderDragon Event PVP: Fayh_ | $100,000
- FTop First: Explicit, Fayh_ | Iron Golem Spawner
- FTop Second: 420, DaHobbit | $100,000
- FTop Third: Eclipse, Yodo | $10,000

Changelog Since End of Beta (Notable Mentions):
- Faction Power increased from 20 to 40 per player (Allows max buffer limit base)
- mcMMO Axes increased from 200 to 250 (Currently, Archery 400, Swords 300, Disarm Disabled)
- Bedrock Unbreakable
- Visible and Chunk Aligned World Border
- No Rain Plugin
- Voting Keys Work/Added
- Blaze Spawners Removed From Nether
- Passive Mobs From Spawners (From my testing)
- Withers Are Enabled But Don't Do Block Damage (Killable for Nether Stars & Beacons)
- Nether Stars Unsellable
- Gen Bucket Price down from $1000 to $300
- Increased TNT/Cegg Spawner Drop Chance From 50% to 75%

I have tested everything I can think of, except for mcmmo archery, if it’s broken will fix asap. Also still have so much to add, so expect frequent updates through the season. For anyone who has purchased anything from the buycraft that requires you to be online, e.g. crate keys, I will give them to you once you log in on release. Will be online for at least the first 2 hours and the majority of the first 12 hours.

For everyone that applied for staff, will be denying and approving soon, only have a few for release so it can go as smoothly as possible, will reply within the next week.

New Rule - Faction Corners:
Per Faction, you are only allowed one corner in the overworld and one in the end. If you have more than one the secondary corner claims will be removed by a admin or community manager. If you aren’t using a corner to build a base with the equivalent of 5 generated walls (wraps), you must sell your corner to a competitive faction within a week or your claims will be removed by an admin or community manager.

TNT will be disabled for the first week.

Will be doing advertising to increase the playerbase over the first week.

Disregard previous beta updates, they will be going into the announcement archive soon, if you want to see the changes look at the changelog.
Hello everyone the beta is coming to close. Don't forget tonight at 3am CST the Ender Dragon PVP event will be on. More reminding details about it are below. FTop winners will be announced tomorrow, everyone put in a good effort. There will also be a more in depth post and update of how the beta went tomorrow.

The Trailer is now out:

The Change Log is also finished (Will Still Be Adding to the Log):
Change Log

All Player Permission Perms:
The Server is coming along nicely, although the start of the beta wasn’t as stable as I’d like, at this point I’m pretty happy with the progress. I’ve spent all day fixing many major and minor bugs, however the major thing fixed is Crate Keys. Below will be a list of all the notable things added or fixed. Also I added a new fancy tab list, do yourself a favour and do the equivalent of looking up and press tab.

Also there is now an official discord server, thanks to xcmc, there a lot of voice servers so maybe take a look. I will also be posting brief time sensitive updates about the server there.
Discord Server:

- Fixed Crate Keys
- Added a new kit ‘/kit betakey’ with 2 Crate and Flaring Crate Keys, so you open a crate where it is fully working. Don’t forget on release Crate Keys are buyable in the webstore.
- Added ‘/wild’ to teleport you to a random location in the overworld within the world border. Cooldown of 1 hour and costs $150 to use. No more spending the best part of an hour getting to a corner.
- Added a Custom Tablist, you can see useful such as your Cords, Ping & the TPS.
- The Tablist shows your rank colour as your rank name now.
- Remove Achievement Messages and Join/Leave Messages, Via HideStream.

If you have any suggestion ask me in the suggestions thread on the forums, it’s the best time to do it during the beta.

This was supposed to show up on the home page, but didn't so he it is again 12 hours later.

One thing I am currently looking for is a premium completely secure minecraft account don’t care about the name, so for my YouTube Series I can play on a regular player account, not my admin account. This may be a big ask, but if you have an valid alt account you don’t need or want to sell a minecraft account quickly, I would like to purchase it for around $5 USD.
This will be a quick update as I was only half way through my work after 5 hours at nearly 2am. I need to sleep for tomorrow, so I'm in time for the Second Major KoTH. While the server was offline I made progress on a few things below. Also Staff Applications are open now too, will go over them when I have time, which realistically won't be for a few days.

- TNT/Dispensers Shop Price Lower (Other Shop Prices May Be Lowered)
- Gen Buckets Plugin Change, Purchased New One, Works Now: '/genshop' Cost $2,000 to use
- For those who don't want to use or pay to use Gen Buckets, Stackable Buckets up to 16 have been added
- Bedrock, Beacons and Creepers are no longer sellable in shop.
- Crates/Crate Key Plugin has been changed, looking mostly promising, but still not working.

Because the Crates Don't Work Completely, the keys have been removed from beta kit. Once I get them fixed I will make a new kit for everyone, including those who did use the beta kit with a few crate keys.
Hello Everyone, so far the Beta has been going really well. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves, people are building massive bases and currently there are 15-25 players on. There have been a few things go right and wrong. By far the biggest plus and my biggest fear was that the server would crash. However getting an insane server has differently paid off as there are about 100 plugins, non-preloaded chunks and about 30 people joined at once on the release and the TPS didn’t drop below 19. This just means that on the release day, where the chunks will be preloaded, we should have a TPS of over 17-18 on launch, even if there are 50-100 players on. Meaning for the first time in my history of running a server the game will be playable on launch. The first major koth also went really well and the winner was DragonnzzzYT. Don't forget there is a second major KoTH at 6pm CST Saturday.

There were a few problems that I will have listed below that I will likely add too. Most of these problems I can’t solve while the server is online, so at 3am CST when everyone should be sleeping, the server will be offline for a few hours so I can do my best to swap them over.

Problems That Will Be/Need Fixed:
- SilkSpawners Plugin Not Working
- Gen-Buckets Finding Perm Node
- Starting the Change to Crazy Crates, New Better Crate Key Plugin
Hello, this update is just about the change from a private beta to a public beta. The beta is now free to join, the only differences are you only get $10,000 after winning the KoTH for the release now, the world is now 2,000 x 2,000, the beta tag is sold separately and you no longer join 30 minutes earlier. You will want to watch this video:

Because there is more beta information and me explaining some more server mechanics’ discussions. There is also some explaining of the shortcoming with me and TMFactions and the issues of the server’s livability. The only major change besides that is Faction Fly (Flying in your own faction territory) will now be enabled for everyone.

After watching that video you will see there are 2 polls: (Would love to hear your feedback)

Everything that will be in the final release may not be in the beta, so here's a short list of what you can expect to be in the beta. Ask any question and I will answer ASAP.

Release is less than 12 hours away, check the MOTD on the server for the exact time.

Server Features/Mechanics/Information:
- Players Per Faction 20
- Faction Power 20
- Crate Keys and Flaring Crates Purchases won’t be purchasable (if purchased, not usable) until the Official Release.
- Gen-Buckets are allowed, testing Sand & Obsidian as expensive options as well as Cobblestone.
- All walls are allowed to be built. '/genbuckets' to open shop GUI.
- Nether and End are still accessible, just have barriers round them.
- Natural Mob Spawning is Disabled for the Beta, Minimize Lag.
- FTop Currently has spawners and hoppers and at there in game shop price. Plus Obsidian: $20, Bedrock $200000. Ore Blocks Shop Sell Prices.
- Voting is disabled till official release, still working on votifer and voting keys

Will be adding to this list, just can’t think of anything else off the top of my head.

For those asking about the plugins I am using here's my list. It will update as I change them:

Problems So Far:
- Sand is glitching, fall sand entity disappears, can't find whats causing it. Isn't from Anti-Cheat.
Hello everyone, the MadnessMC Release is less than 10 days away, so it’s finally time for all the information on the server so far. The server is still under development, so there will be update in a week from now with all the server mechanics and features in depth. This update is primarily about the beta, release times and getting feedback on how I should develop the server. If you dislike reading I have done a video that explains almost everything in here and some other channel related stuff:

Table of Contents:
- Release Date Information
- Beta Information
- Webstore
- Important Message For TMFactions Donators
- Server Information/Features Brief
- Forums
- End

Release Date Information:
There will be a private beta as the server is still be developed and I need to test the server’s stability before we potentially get hundreds of players joining for the official release, more information about the beta in the next section. However the beta will be in 2 days at 6pm this Friday CST (Central Standard Time). The official release will be on the following Friday on the 15th at 6pm CST. The ip is and the MOTD will have a countdown timer for both the Beta and the Official Release.

Beta Information:
The beta will be start in 2 days on Friday at 6pm CST and go for 5 days until Wednesday 3-4am CST. This will be a private beta where you pay $0.20 to buy a pass, while the server is under development, I don’t want to worry about hackers or griefers as the server isn’t completely ready to deal with hackers, plus I don’t have any proper staff yet, so it will be hard to regulate them. You can purchase the Beta Pass here: Because you have to pay money for the pass, there will be events and lots of perks you can get.

What’s in the Beta Pass:
- $1,000,000
- Legendary Blazing Kit (Prot 4, Armor, Eff 5 Tools, Creeper Egg and more) | Beta Only
- 5 Crate Keys | Beta Only
- 5 Flaring Crate Keys | Beta Only
- Every 24 Hours Flaming PVP Kit (Prot 4, Sharp 5 Sword and more PVP Gear) | Beta Only
Everything in the Kits

Also every player in the beta will have access to some donor rank perms, such as /craft, /echest, silktouch spawner, etc.

- Major Koth 6:15pm Friday (15 Minutes after release), winner ($50,000 on release)
- Second Major Koth: 6pm Satruday, winner ($50,000)
- Ender Dragon Event: 3am Wednesday
The objective of the ender dragon event is to kill the ender dragon, collect his egg and not die. Everyone will be spawned into the end world in different corners with strong PVP gear, please don’t team. You will be given 2 lives and after that you will have to spectate. You will have to try and kill the ender dragon, while killing everyone else and not dying. Should be a tonne of fun. The person who mines the Ender Dragon Egg and first to get it in there inventory at the end will get the Egg as an admin item on the official release and $100,000, the last man standing will also get $50,000.
- Koths Every 3 Hours, Rewards include valuables such as spawners and creeper eggs

Because there won’t be many people in total playing the beta, the nether and end are disabled and the overworld has a world border of 1,000 x 1,000. This is so we can still have competitive faction experience in a short amount of time. To add to this the richest factions based off Top at the end of the beta will get prizes on release. The winner will get an Iron Golem Faction, second will get $100,000 and third will get $10,000. Finally just be aware that everything built at the end of the beta will be deleted.

If you find any bugs please report them here: Also I don’t have staff and will be accepting staff application during the beta. I will have thread up soon of what is expected, what you can do and the commands you get.

The webstore is now fully functional and until the first week after release there will be a huge 20% off sale. You can get a lot out of ranks and crate keys already, so sales won’t be super frequent. Most will be flash sales of 10%, and there will be major ones on holidays, however the next major one won’t be till Christmas, so take advantage of this sale while you can. Also bundles were popular so for a even bigger discount you can buy them, there will be different ones for each sale. You can purchase items before the server official releases and will be given them when the server releases. If you purchase a rank or beta pass you will be able to join the server 30 minutes before release.

Important Message for TMFactions Donors:
This may be a brand new server, that will have new staff and everything, however TMFactions was still my server and it’s not right to let people who spent a significant amount of money lose their rank over the cyber attack. I can’t give everyone back there rank, one because I don’t have all the records and I have a lot to pay for the server. However I have records of everything people purchased after June last year. What I am going to do is send an email to everyone on that list that brought a rank or spent over $20 over the next few days, where they will receive a one off voucher that will give them 50% off their first purchase(s). This will be valid until the sale ends one week after the server is released and the voucher will stack with the sale. If you did purchase something before June, msg me at with the transaction id, minecraft name and item(s) purchased. I won’t need any screenshots or anything as people will just photoshop something to try and get a free voucher.

Server Information/Features:
There will be a update in the next week with all the gameplay mechanics, plugins and perks in depth, this is a brief list about some of the perks and plan.

I have a lot of plans for future development, this season was primarily limited too the amount of money I had, which was $500NZD and I still went over budget. For next season I want to get enough money to get a custom enchantments plugin codes and incredible custom builds for the spawn, warzone and shop. This server will be heavily influenced by community inputs and there will be regular polls on minor and major changes.

Server Features:
- World Borders: Overworld 10,000 x 10,000 | Nether 5,000 x 5,000 | End 2,000
- The Nether has had its blaze spawners removed
- The End has no island and has a bedrock layer, followed by 4 layers of endstone
- The Server is economy based, has mcmmo
- You get a starter kit, 2 Homes, Teleports, warps, trademe plugin, auction house and more
- Voting gives you Voting Keys, (Lower Tier Crate Key)
- When Raiding TNT & Creeper Eggs have a 50% drop chance on destroyed spawners
- Silk Touch is in the Magma and higher ranks
- Obsidian takes 5 hits to destroy and Bedrock is unbreakable
- You can only get Bedrock from crate keys and in small amounts from the inferno rank
- There are regular koths and there are 3 different koth locations in the warzone
- Players start with 20 Faction Power
- Factions have a max of 20 players and the Maximum Chunk buffer is 20 chunks
- Cobblestone Gen Buckets are purchasable by everyone in the in game shop.
- 32GBs Ram, i7-4790K all resources used on the mc server, hard to get more powerful.

There will be a rule set come in the next week, most of it is common sense, however there will be more specific information in it such as the allowed mods and maximum base size area, which is 800.

The best way to interact with the community and put forward your ideas in with the forums, there are several forums that are worth looking into. This website will be here for the lifetime of the server so it’s a good idea to register as soon as possible. You can do so at in the top right hand corner. Any feedback, bugs and suggested improvement is much appreciated.

Thanks for managing the read all of this, I would recommend reading all of it as the information is reasonably important or watch the YouTube video. TNT Madness will also be doing a redstone themed faction series once the server launches, so you can subscribe if you want to watch that. The trailer will be out not long before the official release happens. Hope everyone is just as hyped for this server as I am, I’m certain this will be one of the best experiences you have on an faction server.

Note: This thread may get updated if I missed something out or there are mistakes.